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The Lost Christmas Eve CD

The Lost Christmas Eve CD

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The final installment of the Christmas Trilogy, The Lost Christmas Eve tells the story of a lonely man spending the evening alone. Having given up hope in life and focusing solely on his career, and epiphany brings him back to the true important things in life and a shot at redemption from past wounds, both inflicted and received all those years ago. Released October 12, 2004 and produced by Paul O'Neill.

CD track listing:
  1. Faith Noel 
  2. The Lost Christmas Eve 
  3. Christmas Dreams 
  4. Wizards in Winter 
  5. Remember 
  6. Anno Domine
  7. Christmas Concerto 
  8. Queen Of The Winter Night 
  9. Christmas Nights in Blue 
  10. Christmas Jazz 
  11. Christmas Jam 
  12. Siberian Sleigh Ride 
  13. What Is Christmas 
  14. For The Sake Of Our Brother 
  15. The Wisdom Of Snow 
  16. Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)
  17. Christmas Bells, Carousels & Time 
  18. What Child Is This?
  19. O'Come All Ye Faithful 
  20. Christmas Canon Rock 
  21. Different Wings
    Postscript : 
  22. Midnight Clear 

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