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Night Castle CD

Night Castle CD

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Released on October 27, 2009, Night Castle is the fifth release from Trans-Siberian Orchestra and continues the vision created by composer, lyricist, producer and founder Paul O'Neill. Night Castle tells the story of a soldier deployed to war-torn Asia and his trials and tribulations. He encounters the mystic Erasmus and learns about both the beauties and hardships of life as he faces his own mortality in the jungle.

CD track listing:

  1. Night Enchanted
  2. Childhood Dreams 
  3. Sparks 
  4. The Mountain 
  5. Night Castle 
  6. The Safest Way Into Tomorrow 
  7. Mozart and Memories 
  8. Another Way You Can Die 
  9. Toccata - Carpimus Noctem
  10. The Lion's Roar
  11. Dreams We Conceive 
  12. Mother And Son 
  13. There Was A Life 
  14. Moonlight And Madness 
  15. Time Floats On 
  16. Epiphany 
  17. Beach Lullaby 
  18. Father, Son & Holy Ghost 
  19. Remnants Of A Lullaby
  20. The Safest Way Tinto Tomorrow (Reprise)
  21. Embers
    Bonus Tracks 
  22.  Child of the Night 
  23. Believe 
  24. Nutrocker 
  25. Carmina Burana 
  26. Tracers 



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